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Best Hair System Manufacturer&Wig Factory

Qingdao Emeda Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd is one of the most famous hair products supplier in China. With years of development, Emeda has earned high reputation. We started to do our own brand and international service since 2013 via attending professional hair exhibitions. We establish our trade department in the city center of Qingdao, which consists of 53 clerks and 24 sales. Our technical research and development teams meet different target groups, always supplying the most professional service to customers. Nowadays we have a modern factory. We have high quality raw material hair, professional production lines, newest machine, experience workers and advance dying, hand-made and processing technique. Emeda hair factory adopts green non-damaged technology, could ensure the hair structure won’t be damaged, and the inner hair nutrition will be locked very well. Could guarantee the quality, no dry, no tangle after washing. High quality control also make sure our low complaint rate.

Our mission is “You Can Be More Beautiful”. Emeda hair is specialized in stock and customs toupee and topper with different models, colors, sizes and textures, we can meet all customers’ requirements. Except for the stock toupee, we also do custom according to customers’ requirements. The general time for custom order is only 6-8 weeks. We also manufacture woman extension, topper and American Afro hair products. We have gotten high reputation among makeup stylist, celebrities, experts and wholesaler, we will keep supplying top quality and best service. Welcome to visit us.


Wholesale toupee wig manufacturer

Professional human hair product manufacturer with high quality standard

Wholesale toupee wig manufacturer

Professional and senior production team with decades of Unique skills and experience

Diverse and extensive inventory

Massive Wholesale toupees, wigs and hair extensions ready for shipment

Diverse and extensive inventory

Different colors, length and size etc available meet with Meet the diverse market needs

Fast worldwide shipment

Partnered with internationally trusted logistic service company such as DHL and FedEx etc

Fast worldwide shipment

Fast shipment about 2-4days arrive to over 100+ countries

Supply diverse customize services

Provide huge and various customize order to meet global clients requirements

Supply diverse customize services

Fast delivery along with from 1week to 1mont

Get Competitive Factory Prices

Factory direct wholesale price could help reduce unnecessary costs to control costs

Get Competitive Factory Prices

Big discounts for bulk order

High global recognition

Wholesale toupee wig throughout 100+ countries all over the world

High global recognition

Our brands enjoy excellent recognition worldwide


Best Hair System Manufacturer&Wig Factory

If you are individual customer, look for Toupees or Wigs

As an individual customer, you can expect the following services from EMEDA Hair factory:

1.Customization Recommendations: Provide professional advice on different styles, colors, and lengths to assist you in choosing a toupee or wig that suits your needs and personal style.

2.Personalized Customization Options: If you have specific preferences or requirements, the manufacturer should offer personalized customization options to ensure you get a toupee or wig tailored to your individual needs.

3.Detailed Product Information: Supply comprehensive product descriptions, including information about materials used, manufacturing processes, and care instructions, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of the human hair product you are purchasing.

4.Size and Color Customization: If applicable, EMEDA Hair should offer customization options for size and color, ensuring the wig fits your head shape perfectly and matches your natural hair color.

5.Shopping Support: Provide assistance during the shopping process through online chat, customer service hotlines, etc., to address any queries you may have and ensure you make informed purchasing decisions.

6.Secure Online Shopping Experience: Offer a secure and reliable online shopping platform to safeguard your personal information and transactions.

7.After-Sales Service and Return Policy: Provide comprehensive after-sales services, including post-purchase consultations, warranty services, and a flexible return policy to protect your shopping rights.

8.Promotions and Discount Information: Periodically share promotions and discount information, allowing you to enjoy price benefits and enhance your overall satisfaction with the shopping experience.

5.Brand promotion cooperation: Cooperate with salons in brand promotion to jointly promote the brand image and enhance visibility in the local market.

6.Regular Sales Promotions: Offer regular sales promotions including seasonal discounts, package deals, etc. to inspire growth in your salon business.

7.After-sales service support: Provide after-sales service support, including product warranty, technical support and problem resolution, to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty of the salon.

8.Market trends and feedback sharing: Share industry market trends, consumer feedback and product improvement suggestions to help salons maintain keen market insights and enhance business competitiveness.

If you are Salon, look for Toupees or Wigs

EMEDA Hair factory as a wig manufacturer, service and support for salon clients can include:

1.Professional training: Provide professional training to salon staff covering toupees or wig fitting, adjustment and care techniques to ensure they can provide high-quality services to customers.

2.Custom Styles and Colors: Offering unique, salon-specific styles and colors to meet the diverse needs of clients and the ability to provide personalized service to the salon.

3.New product launch and promotion support: Provide salons with new product launch opportunities and provide promotion support, such as promotional materials, advertising, etc., to help the salon attract more customers.

4.Inventory Management and Replenishment Services: Assist salons with inventory management to ensure they always have adequate stock of toupees or wigs and provide rapid replenishment services to meet demand.


If you are Toupee or Wigs Wholesaler

EMEDA Hair factory can establish close cooperative relationships with wholesale customers to jointly achieve business goals and improve the competitiveness of their products in the market.

1.Customized branding services: Provide wholesale customers with personalized branding services, including exclusive brand logos, packaging design and product customization to ensure that products conform to their unique brand image.

2.Exclusive product line development: Based on the needs of wholesale customers, jointly develop unique product lines so that they can stand out in the market and establish their own brand characteristics.

3.Customized product specifications: Based on the requirements of wholesale customers, customized product specifications, including length, color, size and texture, etc., are provided to meet the unique needs of their market.

4.Flexible order quantity and price: Provide flexible order quantity and price policy to adapt to the different needs of wholesale customers and market changes.

5.Market Trend Analysis: Share industry and market trend analysis to help wholesale customers make informed business decisions and ensure that their products are always market competitive.

6.Timely inventory replenishment services: Through timely inventory management and replenishment services, ensure that wholesale customers always have sufficient inventory to meet market demand.

7.Supportive sales and marketing materials: Provide professional sales and marketing materials, such as product catalogs, high-quality images and advertising creatives, to help wholesale customers drive sales.

8.Ongoing Training and Support: Provide training on product knowledge, go-to-market sales strategies and best practices to ensure wholesale customers are able to take full advantage of the products on offer.


Best Hair System Manufacturer&Wig Factory

Are You a Human Hair Pieces Wholesaler or Distributor?

Q: How can I place an order on your online store?

A: Simply browse our products on the online store and follow the prompts to make a direct purchase. If you have specific requirements, you can submit a request form or contact us for assistance.

A: Absolutely! If you have special requests, you can submit a customization form on the online store or reach out to our team directly. We’re here to help you choose and customize the perfect product.

A: We strive to dispatch all in-stock products within 24 hours of your order placement.

A: The customization time for non-stock products varies based on the product attributes, generally ranging from 4-6 weeks.

A: Yes, we provide global shipping using DHL or FedEx, with an estimated delivery time of 3-4 days.

A: We offer a 7-day return and exchange policy, as well as repair services for any quality-related concerns.

A: We offer a 7-day return and exchange policy, as well as repair services for any quality-related concerns.

Are You a Human Hair Pieces Wholesaler or Distributor?

Q: Are you able to handle both wholesale and retail orders?

A: Certainly! As a direct factory, we cater to both wholesale and retail orders with no minimum order quantity requirement.

A: We are a foreign trade company with our own wig factory, offering high-quality products at factory-direct prices. Our wigs are meticulously crafted to ensure comfort and durability.

A: You can log into your account on the online store to track the order status. Additionally, we provide tracking information from the courier company for real-time updates on your shipment’s location.

A: Absolutely, we offer made-to-measure services based on specific measurements and requirements, ensuring each customer receives the most fitting wig product.

A: You can log into your account on the online store to track the order status. Additionally, we provide tracking information from the courier company for real-time updates on your shipment’s location.

Are You a Human Hair Pieces Wholesaler or Distributor?

Q: Have your wig products undergone quality certification?

A: Yes, our wig products undergo rigorous quality control, adhering to international standards. We are committed to delivering high-quality products that stand up to customer scrutiny.

A: Yes, we have a dedicated after-sales service team to provide timely and comprehensive support to our customers. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

A: Yes, our wig designs cater to various head shapes, offering a range of styles and lengths to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


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