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EMEDA mens hair system front French lace mono four hole with zigzag  Wholesale

EMEDA men’s hair system features a front French lace with a mono base and a four hole design, enhanced with a unique zigzag PU shape at the front for a secure and natural fit. The combination of breathable materials and durable construction ensures superior comfort, making it an ideal choice for wholesale clients seeking top-tier quality and style.



  • Front French Lace: Super soft and comfortable, provides a natural hairline appearance, blending seamlessly with the scalp.
  • Mono Base: Ensures durability and longevity, ideal for everyday wear.
  • Four-Hole Design: Enhances breathability and comfort, preventing heat build-up.
  • Zigzag PU Shape Front: Offers a secure and natural fit, adding extra stability and realism.
  • High-Quality Hair: Made from top-grade human hair, delivering a natural look and feel.
Gross Weight 70-80 gram
Hair Type Indian Remy hair
Base Material French lace front durable mono center with 1.25” pu around zigzag pu front
Front Contour Standard CC
Hair Length 6″
Hair Curl 32mm
Hair Density 120% and 130%
Hair Color (LTD COLOR RING)  #1B in stock, other colors please inquiry
Hair Direction Freestyle, if want others welcome to inquiry
Bleach Knots Front Hairline Bleached
Lifespan 6-8 months

EMEDA Four Hole with zigzag men’s hair system features a front French lace and mono base with a four hole design, ensuring a natural appearance and secure fit. The combination of breathable lace and durable mono materials provides exceptional comfort and longevity. This hair system is perfect for wholesale clients seeking high-quality, reliable products that meet the demands of discerning customers.

Four hole zigzag men’s toupee features a French lace front with approximately 1/2″ of hair, followed by a zigzag-shaped poly coating to prevent straight poly front lines from being visible. This design ensures a natural-looking hairline while maintaining a secure fit and seamless appearance.

Mens system Four hole front french lace bleached knots ensure a seamless and natural hairline appearance, enhancing the overall realism of the toupee. This meticulous technique contributes to increased customer satisfaction and confidence in our products.


This French lace front four-hole with zigzag shape top Remy hair system is designed for customers seeking voluminous hair. It features top tier Remy human hair, allowing clients to enjoy natural waves while also accepting permanent curling. With a density of 120%-130%, this system is suitable for customers who prefer denser hairstyles, providing them with a more natural and full-bodied hair experience.

Different colors in stock, welcome to inquiry.

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