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A mono full wig, short for monofilament full wig, is a type of wig constructed with a monofilament cap. Monofilament refers to a thin, breathable material that closely resembles the look and feel of natural skin. In a mono full wig, the entire cap or crown area is made of monofilament material.



Realistic Scalp Appearance: The monofilament cap creates the illusion of a natural scalp, allowing the wearer to part the hair in any direction and exposing the scalp for a more realistic look.

Comfortable Wear: The breathable nature of the monofilament material makes mono full wigs comfortable to wear, even for extended periods.

Durability: Mono full wigs are typically well-constructed and durable, providing long-lasting wear with proper care.

Versatile Styling: Similar to other types of wigs, mono full wigs offer versatility in styling, including the option to use heat styling tools and create various hairstyles.

Length: 14” 16” 18”

Color: 1b

Size: 22”

Density: 130%

Product Name 100% Human Hair Wig
Human Hair Type Indian hair
Lace Area Mono Wig
Hair Length 14”-18”
Hair Color #1B, Other Colors Can Be Customized
Color Of Lace Mono lace
Delivery Time Stock Hair Within 24 Hours After Your Payment
Payment T/T, Paypal, Wester Union, Money Gram
Packaging PVC Bag, Others Can Be Customized
Send Inquiry For More Details

The cap of the wig is made from monofilament material, which closely resembles the look and texture of the scalp. This allows for a natural-looking part and realistic scalp appearance, as well as comfortable wear due to the breathable nature of the material.

The hair strands are individually hand-tied to the lace base, providing a realistic look and allowing for natural movement and styling options.


The combination of the monofilament cap and full lace construction creates a seamless blend with the scalp, making it difficult to distinguish the wig from natural hair.

Mono full lace wigs are designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit, allowing the wearer to feel confident and at ease throughout the day.





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