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Emeda #1B8C Silk Top Jewish Wig European Virgin Hair Wholesale

Experience luxury with our Silk Top Jewish Wig. Crafted from European virgin hair, it features a silk top for unmatched realism. Ideal for wholesalers seeking top-tier quality and sophistication.



  • Silk Top: The wig features a silk top, which provides a natural-looking scalp appearance. The silk material mimics the look of real scalp, enhancing the realism of the wig.
  • Jewish Wig Style: This style typically refers to wigs that are made with meticulous attention to detail, often characterized by high-quality craftsmanship and natural hairlines.
  • European Virgin Hair: The wig is made from European virgin hair, which means the hair is sourced from European donors and has never been chemically treated. This ensures high-quality and natural-looking hair.
  • Wholesale: Indicates that the wig is available for purchase in bulk, typically at a discounted price for retailers or large purchasers.
Style 4*4 Silk top+ Weft
Color & Wave #1B8C, Straight
Length 14”/16”/18”/20”/22”/24”
Density 130%
Cap Size S/M/L/XL

Silk Top: This wig features a silk top construction, providing a natural scalp appearance. The silk material creates a seamless transition, mimicking the look of real scalp.

Natural Hairline: Crafted to perfection, it features a meticulously designed natural hairline, ensuring an authentic look.

#1B8C Color: Available in the #1B8C shade, it offers a natural black hue with subtle brown undertones, enhancing versatility and realism.

Customizable Cap and Hair Length: This wig offers the versatility of customization, allowing for personalized cap sizes and hair lengths tailored to individual preferences.

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