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Emeda Tape Ins Brazilian Human Hair Extensions 100gram Wholesale

Emeda Tape Ins Brazilian Human Hair Extensions 100gram Wholesale



  • Tape Ins: These extensions utilize a tape-in method for attachment, providing a secure and seamless integration with natural hair. This ensures a natural look and comfortable wear.
  • Brazilian Human Hair: The extensions are made from high-quality Brazilian human hair, known for its natural luster, strength, and versatility. Brazilian hair blends well with various hair textures and can be styled with heat tools.
  • 100 gram Wholesale: Typically packaged in 100-gram bundles, containing 40 pieces per bundle (quantity customizable), offering greater convenience.
  • Premium Hair and Wholesale Pricing: As quantities increase, prices become more competitive, ensuring affordability for premium hair.
Style Tape in Hair Extensions
Hair Meterial Brazilian human hair
Color #2, #3, #4
Length 14”/16”/18”/20”/22”/24”
Texture Straight
Gram 100g, 40pieces

Quick installation: Hair wefts are attached to natural hair using double-sided tape, ensuring a snug fit. Tape ins can be installed more rapidly compared to traditional weaving or bonding techniques.

Natural appearance: Due to the thin and snug fit of the hair wefts, tape ins offer a more natural look that is difficult to detect as extensions.

High comfort: The lightweight and soft nature of the hair wefts ensure comfort for the wearer without excessive pressure on the scalp.

Easy maintenance: After installation, tape ins can be washed, blow-dried, and styled like natural hair, making maintenance relatively simple.

In summary, Tape ins are a quick, natural, comfortable, and easy-to-maintain hair extension technique, highly favored in the beauty industry due to their numerous advantages.

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