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EMEDA Raw unprocessed european human hair #4/30 brown highlight swiss lace top wigs glueless

EMEDA’s raw unprocessed European human hair wigs in color 4 medium brown highlights color 30 feature a Swiss lace top for a natural look and a glueless design for easy wear. These wigs offer premium quality, comfort, and versatility, perfect for those seeking a stylish and realistic appearance


#4/30 Swiss lace top wig Product Overview:

The EMEDA Raw Unprocessed European Human Hair Wig is a high-end wig designed for those who seek a natural appearance and exceptional comfort. This wig features a medium brown color 4 highlight color 30, presenting an elegant and stylish look. The Swiss lace top design combined with machine wefting at the back ensures both durability and a natural appearance.


Hair Length: 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”,

Hair Density: 130%

Hair Color: #4/30

Hair Type Raw unprocessed european human hair
Cap structure Swiss lace top with machine weft back
Cap Size S, M, L
Hair Length 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, if want other length welcome to inquiry
Texture Straight stock, could make wave
Hair Density 130%, 150%, could customize
Hair Color  #1B in stock, other colors please inquiry
Lifespan 1-2Years
Delivery Time 24 hours for processing order. shipping time 4-5 working days
Customize time About 7 days
Shipping Method Ship via fedex, dhl etc

Main Features:

High-Quality Hair:

  • Material: Made from 100% raw, unprocessed European human hair, maintaining natural shine and softness.
  • Texture: Naturally soft and silky, ensuring the most realistic appearance.

Cap Structure:

  • Swiss Lace Top: The soft and breathable Swiss lace ensures a comfortable wearing experience, mimicking the scalp for a natural look.
  • Machine Weft: The back part of the wig uses machine wefting for enhanced durability and structural stability.


  • Natural Appearance: Combining high-quality European hair and a Swiss lace top provides the most natural look, akin to real hair.
  • Comfort: Lightweight and breathable materials make the wig comfortable for all-day wear.
  • Durability: The machine wefting technique enhances the wig’s durability and longevity.
  • Easy to Wear: The glueless design simplifies the wearing process, with adjustable straps and combs inside ensuring a secure fit.
  • Low Maintenance: The unprocessed hair requires minimal maintenance and can be styled easily.
  • Customization: Various options available for a perfect fit.

How to Ware and Care:

How to Wear:

  1. Prepare your natural hair by braiding it or wearing a wig cap.
  2. Adjust the straps inside the wig to achieve the desired tightness.
  3. Place the wig on your head, adjusting it for a natural fit.
  4. Use the internal combs to secure the wig in place.

How to Care:

  • Washing: Use mild shampoo and conditioner. Gently wash in lukewarm water, avoiding excessive rubbing.
  • Drying: Pat dry with a towel and place the wig on a wig stand to air dry. Avoid using high heat.
  • Styling: Use low to medium heat tools for styling. Avoid frequent pulling or brushing to maintain hair integrity.

Storage Guidelines:

  • Storage: Place the wig on a wig stand when not in use to maintain its shape and beauty.
  • Dust Protection: Store in a breathable wig bag or box to prevent dust and dirt accumulation.
  • Sunlight: Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading.

Suitable for:

  • Individuals with Hair Loss: Ideal for users experiencing hair loss issues.
  • Fashion Enthusiasts: Perfect for those who enjoy changing their hairstyles frequently.
  • Special Occasions: Suitable for showcasing perfect hairstyles at events like weddings and parties.
  • Daily Wear: Great for everyday use, boosting confidence and beauty.

The EMEDA Raw Unprocessed European Human Hair Wig in medium brown color 4 with highlight color 30 combines premium materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Its natural appearance, comfortable wear, and easy maintenance make it the perfect choice for achieving top-notch hairstyles.

How much do a lace top wig cost?

The cost of an EMEDA Lace Top Wigs varies based on hair length, density, color, and customization options. Stock wigs range from $500 to $1000+, while custom wigs with specific requirements can range from $1000 to $1200 or more. For precise pricing tailored to your needs, it is recommended to contact EMEDA directly or visit their website to explore all available options and get a detailed quote.

Can the lace top wig be dye and colored?

EMEDA Lace Top Wigs made from raw unprocessed European human hair can be dyed and colored. Since the hair is unprocessed, it retains its natural strength and quality, making it suitable for various chemical treatments, including dyeing and coloring. Here are some important points to consider when dyeing or coloring your lace top wig:

Dyeing and Coloring Guidelines:

Quality of Hair:

Since the wig is made from 100% raw unprocessed European human hair, it can handle dyeing and coloring well, just like natural hair.

Professional Services:

For the best results, it is recommended to have the wig dyed or colored by a professional hairstylist who has experience with human hair wigs. This helps ensure an even application and reduces the risk of damage.

Coloring Process:

  • Preparation: Wash and condition the wig to remove any styling products or residues.
  • Test Strand: Always perform a strand test to check how the hair reacts to the dye and to determine the final color.
  • Application: Apply the dye evenly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Rinsing and Conditioning: Rinse the hair thoroughly with cool water until the water runs clear. Apply a deep conditioner to restore moisture and softness.

Maintenance After Coloring:

  • Use Color-Safe Products: Shampoo and condition the wig with products designed for color-treated hair to maintain the vibrancy and health of the hair.
  • Minimize Heat Styling: Limit the use of heat styling tools to prevent further damage. If you must use them, apply a heat protectant.
  • Deep Conditioning: Regularly deep condition the wig to keep it hydrated and healthy.

Important Considerations:

  • Color Change Limitations: While the wig can be dyed darker or have highlights added, lifting it to a significantly lighter shade might be challenging and could potentially damage the hair.
  • Hair Quality Maintenance: Repeated dyeing and coloring can affect the hair’s integrity, so it’s important to use high-quality products and follow proper care routines.
  • Professional Advice: Consult with a professional hairstylist for advice on the best coloring techniques and products for your specific wig.


The EMEDA Lace Top Wigs offer the flexibility to be dyed and colored, allowing you to personalize your look. With the proper care and professional guidance, you can achieve beautiful and lasting results.

Can the lace top wig be straightened and curled?

Our EMEDA Lace Top Wigs made from raw unprocessed European human hair can be straightened and curled. Since the hair is natural and unprocessed, it behaves similarly to your own hair when it comes to styling. Here are some guidelines to help you straighten or curl your lace top wig safely and effectively:

Straightening and Curling Guidelines:

Quality of Hair:

The wig is made from 100% raw unprocessed European human hair, which means it can handle heat styling well.

Heat Styling Tools:

  • Straightener: Use a high-quality flat iron with adjustable temperature settings.
  • Curling Iron/Wand: Use a curling iron or wand, also with adjustable temperature settings.


  • Clean Hair: Ensure the wig is clean and dry before applying heat. Wash and condition it with products suitable for human hair wigs.
  • Heat Protectant: Always apply a heat protectant spray or serum to the hair before using any heat styling tools. This helps prevent damage and maintain the hair’s health.

Temperature Settings:

  • Adjustable Temperature: Use the lowest effective temperature setting to achieve your desired style. Avoid using temperatures above 350°F (175°C) to minimize the risk of damage.
  • Fine Hair: For finer hair, start with a lower temperature setting.
  • Thicker Hair: For thicker hair, you may need a slightly higher temperature, but proceed with caution.

Straightening Process:

  • Section Hair: Divide the hair into manageable sections.
  • Smooth Strokes: Run the flat iron smoothly down each section from roots to ends. Avoid lingering too long in one spot to prevent heat damage.

Curling Process:

  • Section Hair: Divide the hair into small sections.
  • Wrap Around Barrel: Wrap each section around the curling iron or wand, holding it for a few seconds before releasing.
  • Natural Look: For a more natural look, alternate the direction of the curls.

Post-Styling Care:

Cooling: Allow the hair to cool completely before touching or styling further. This helps set the curls or straightening.

Styling Products: Use a light hairspray or styling product to hold the style if needed.

Maintenance After Heat Styling:

  • Hydration: Regularly use a deep conditioner or hydrating mask to maintain the hair’s moisture and prevent dryness.
  • Minimal Heat Use: Limit the use of heat styling tools to reduce the risk of long-term damage. Explore heatless styling options for everyday use.
  • Avoid Over-Styling: Frequent heat styling can weaken the hair over time. Balance heat styling with protective styles to prolong the wig’s lifespan.


The EMEDA Lace Top Wigs are versatile and can be straightened and curled to suit your desired look. By following the proper guidelines and using heat protectant products, you can safely style your wig while maintaining its natural shine and health.

How can I choose correct lace top wig?

Choosing the correct lace top wig involves considering several factors to ensure it matches your preferences and needs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect lace top wig:

  1. Determine Your Desired Hair Type:

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair:

  • Human Hair: Offers a natural look and feel, can be styled with heat tools, and can be dyed or colored. The EMEDA wigs are made from raw unprocessed European human hair, which is high quality and versatile.
  • Synthetic Hair: Less expensive but cannot be heat-styled or dyed. It typically has a pre-set style.
  1. Choose the Right Lace Type:

  • Swiss Lace: Known for its softness and breathability, providing a comfortable and natural look. It’s durable and suitable for everyday wear.
  • HD Lace: Ultra-thin and transparent, offering the most natural look by blending seamlessly with your scalp.
  1. Select the Appropriate Cap Size:

  • Measure your head circumference to determine the correct cap size.
  • Small (S): 21.5 inches
  • Medium (M): 22.5 inches (standard size)
  • Large (L): 23.5 inches
  1. Pick Your Desired Hair Length:

  • Short Lengths (14-16 inches): Easier to manage and style.
  • Medium Lengths (18-20 inches): Versatile for different styles.
  • Long Lengths (22-24 inches): Great for dramatic looks but requires more maintenance.
  1. Select Hair Density:

  • 130% Density: Offers a natural look with moderate fullness(Stock).
  • 150% Density: Provides a fuller, more voluminous look(Welcome  to inquriy).
  1. Choose the Color:

  • Natural Colors: Such as black, brown, and blonde, are suitable for everyday wear.
  • Highlighted Colors: Like color 4 medium brown with highlight color 30, add dimension and style.
  • Custom Colors: Consider custom dyeing for unique shades to match your style.
  1. Determine the Lace Color:

  • Transparent Lace: Suitable for lighter skin tones.
  • Medium Brown Lace: Best for medium skin tones.
  • Dark Brown Lace: Ideal for darker skin tones.
  1. Consider Your Lifestyle and Preferences:

  • Daily Wear: Choose a wig that is comfortable and easy to maintain.
  • Special Occasions: Opt for more voluminous or longer styles for events.
  1. Evaluate the Wig’s Features:

  • Glueless Design: Easy to wear and remove, with adjustable straps and combs for a secure fit.
  • Pre-Plucked Hairline: Provides a more natural look, mimicking natural hair growth.
  • Baby Hair: Adds realism around the hairline.
  1. Try Before You Buy:

  • If possible, try on different wigs in person to see how they look and feel. This can help you choose the right length, density, and color.
  1. Check Reviews and Recommendations:

  • Read reviews and seek recommendations to ensure the quality and reputation of the brand. EMEDA wigs are known for their high quality and natural appearance.
  1. Budget Considerations:

  • Stock Wigs: Typically more affordable and readily available.
  • Custom Wigs: More expensive but tailored to your specific preferences and needs


Choosing the correct lace top wig involves understanding your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. By considering the factors above, you can select a wig that not only enhances your appearance but also offers comfort and ease of use. EMEDA offers a variety of high-quality options, ensuring you can find the perfect wig to match your style.

Why choose EMEDA European lace top wigs?

Choose EMEDA European lace top wigs for their professional craftsmanship, high-quality raw unprocessed European human hair, and affordable pricing. With a wide range of stock options and customization available, EMEDA ensures you find the perfect wig to meet your specific needs. Welcome to contact us at any time.


1. Are your lace top wigs are made as unprocessed hair?

YES. We use unprocesed hair cuticle intact hair to make the high quality wigs.

2. How long do lace top wigs typically last?

With proper care, lace top wigs can last up to 1-2 years or longer, depending on the quality of the wig, how often it’s worn, and how well it’s maintained.

3. Are lace top wigs comfortable to wear?

Yes, lace top wigs are known for their comfort due to the lightweight and breathable lace cap construction. They provide a secure fit with adjustable straps and combs inside the cap.

4. Can lace top wigs be worn every day?

Yes, lace top wigs are designed for everyday wear. They offer natural-looking results and are suitable for various occasions, from daily activities to special events.

5. Can lace top wigs be styled with heat tools?

Yes, lace top wigs made from human hair (like those from EMEDA) can be styled with heat tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. It’s important to use heat protectant products to prevent damage and maintain the wig’s quality.

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