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Emeda OCT Swiss Lace Men Toupee Bleached Knot with PU around Wholesale

The Emeda OCT Swiss Lace Men’s Toupee is crafted with high-quality Swiss lace, both on the top and front sections, delivering a natural hairline and scalp appearance. Additionally, PU material is integrated around the edges, enhancing durability for prolonged use. With bleached knot technology, the hairline seamlessly blends with the scalp, providing a realistic appearance and lasting comfort. Tailored for men, this toupee meets their requirements for both appearance and comfort.



  • Emeda OCT 、Swiss Lace: This toupee boasts superior Swiss lace construction, ensuring not only a natural appearance but also exceptional comfort during wear.
  • Swiss Lace Top and Front: With Swiss lace utilized on both the top and front portions, this toupee achieves a remarkably natural hairline and scalp appearance, elevating its realism.
  • PU Material Around Edges: Reinforcing its durability, PU material is strategically placed around the edges, providing longevity and resilience to daily wear and styling.
  • Bleached Knots: The implementation of bleached knot technology meticulously conceals the hair knots, resulting in an undetectable transition between the toupee and the scalp, enhancing its lifelike quality.
  • Wholesale Option: Designed with businesses in mind, this toupee is available for wholesale purchase, offering cost-effective solutions for stocking premium-quality hair products. Wholesale buyers can benefit from discounted rates and bulk quantities, maximizing profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Fast Shipping: With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure prompt delivery of our products. Stocked items are shipped within 48 hours, ensuring timely arrival and meeting the urgent demands of our customers.
Gross Weight 50-75 Gram
Hair Type Indian Remy Hair
Base Material Lace top and front + PU around
Hair Length 6
Hair Curl 32mm
Hair Density 120%
Hair Color #1B
Hair Direction Freestyle
Bleach Knots Bleached knots
Lifespan 4-6 Months

OCT Swiss Lace Men Toupee: This toupee stands out with its premium Swiss lace construction, offering not only a lifelike appearance but also unmatched comfort. The fine quality of Swiss lace ensures breathability and a seamless blend with the scalp, providing a natural-looking hairline and enhancing overall wearability.

Bleached Knots with PU Edge: The incorporation of bleached knot technology ensures that the hairline appears natural, with no visible knots, while the PU edge reinforcement adds durability, making the toupee resilient to daily wear and tear. This combination of features guarantees a realistic appearance and prolonged longevity.

Multiple Size Options: With various size options available, customers have the flexibility to choose the toupee size that best fits their head shape and personal preferences. This diverse range of sizes ensures that customers can find the perfect fit for a comfortable and natural-looking result.

Density: The toupee’s density of 120% strikes a balance between thickness and naturalness, ensuring that the hair looks full and voluminous while still appearing realistic. This density option caters to individuals seeking a moderate amount of hair thickness for a natural and flattering appearance.

Wholesale Option: Designed to meet the needs of businesses, this toupee offers wholesale purchasing options, providing cost-effective solutions tailored to different requirements. Wholesale buyers can take advantage of discounted pricing and bulk ordering, optimizing profitability and market competitiveness.

Opt for our OCT Swiss Lace Men Toupee and experience premium quality, comfort, and natural appearance. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team for more details or to place your order.

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