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EMEDA 6D Hair Extension 20 Minutes to Complete Raw Hair Manufacturer

6D hair extensions are a cutting-edge method of attaching extensions to natural hair using a specialized tool. This technique creates seamless bonds for a natural look and comfortable wear. Made from high-quality human hair, they blend seamlessly with your own hair, offering versatility in styling and a realistic appearance.



  • Seamless integration: The six-dimensional application technique ensures that the extensions blend seamlessly with natural hair, creating a natural and undetectable look.
  • Comfortable wear: The specialized bonding method used in 6D extensions provides a comfortable wearing experience, allowing for natural movement without any discomfort.
  • Versatile styling: 6D extensions offer flexibility in styling, allowing you to curl, straighten, and style your hair as desired without compromising the integrity of the extensions.
  • High-quality materials: These extensions are typically made from high-quality human hair, ensuring a natural appearance and long-lasting durability.
  • Long-lasting results: With proper care and maintenance, 6D hair extensions can last for several months, providing a long-term solution for adding length and volume to your hair.

Length: 14” 16” 18” 20” 22” 24” 26” 28” 30”

Hair Color: #1 #1B #2 #4 #6 #8 #9 #10 #12 #18 #20 #22 #24 #27 #27 #30 #33 #99J #60 #60A #613 #350

Texture: Straight, Body Wave, Water Wave, Natural Wave, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Curly, Kinky Curly

Weight: 100gram

Gross Weight 100gram
Hair Type Remy hair
Hair Length 14-30”
Hair Color #1 #1B #2 #4 #6 #8 #9 #10 #12 #18 #20 #22 #24 #27 #27 #30 #33 #99J

#60 #60A #613 #350

Texture Straight, Body Wave, Water Wave, Natural Wave, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Curly, Kinky Curly


Lifespan 8-10 months

6D hair extensions represent the pinnacle of hair enhancement technology, offering a seamless and natural solution for those seeking to augment their hair’s length and volume. Unlike traditional methods, which can sometimes result in visible bonds or discomfort, 6D extensions utilize an innovative six-dimensional application technique. This technique involves attaching extensions to natural hair using specialized tools, resulting in virtually undetectable bonds that blend flawlessly with the wearer’s own hair.

One of the standout features of 6D hair extensions is their ability to provide a comfortable and versatile wearing experience. The unique bonding method ensures that the extensions move naturally with the hair, allowing for effortless styling and movement. Whether it’s sleek and straight or voluminous curls, 6D extensions can handle any desired look with ease, giving wearers the freedom to express themselves confidently.

Moreover, 6D extensions are crafted from high-quality human hair, ensuring a natural appearance and exceptional durability. This premium quality not only enhances the overall look and feel of the extensions but also contributes to their longevity, allowing wearers to enjoy beautiful, luscious locks for an extended period.

Overall, 6D hair extensions offer a superior solution for anyone looking to enhance their hair’s appearance without compromising on quality or comfort. With their seamless integration, versatility, and long-lasting results, 6D extensions represent a cutting-edge choice for those seeking a transformative hair enhancement experience.





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