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How much do men’s hair systems cost?


Men’s hair systems offer a transformative solution for those experiencing hair loss or seeking to experiment with different hairstyles. However, determining the cost of these systems involves several factors that influence pricing. In this guide, we’ll explore various aspects of men’s hair system costs, including hair quality, base materials, size options, availability of ready-made (stock) systems, and the cost implications of customization.

Men Toupee Hair Quality

Human Hair Systems

Hair systems crafted from high-quality, ethically sourced human hair offer superior realism, texture, and versatility, allowing wearers to style their hair as desired.
These systems have a longer lifespan compared to synthetic options when properly cared for, making them ideal for those seeking a long-term hair replacement solution.

Synthetic Hair Systems

While more affordable, synthetic hair systems may lack the natural look and feel of human hair options.
However, advancements in synthetic hair technology have led to the development of high-quality fibers that closely mimic real hair, offering benefits such as low maintenance and resistance to weather conditions

Hair Replacement Base Type Materials

The base material of a men’s hair system is crucial for comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Common base materials include lace, thin skin, monofilament and silk base.

Lace Base

1.Lace bases offer a lightweight and breathable option, providing comfort and a natural-looking scalp appearance.
2.However, they may require more delicate handling due to their fragile nature, and they tend to be more expensive compared to other base materials.

Thin Skin Bases

1.Thin skin bases provide a seamless and natural appearance, ideal for wearers seeking discretion.
2.While they offer durability, they may lack breathability compared to lace bases and require regular maintenance to preserve their appearance.

Monofilament Bases

1.Monofilament bases offer durability and a realistic scalp appearance, enhancing wearers’ confidence and comfort.
2.These bases provide a natural look and feel, but they may not offer the same level of breathability as lace bases and may require more frequent maintenance.

Silk Base

1.Silk bases provide a luxurious and natural appearance, offering wearers an enhanced aesthetic appeal.
2.They are known for their soft texture and realistic scalp appearance, but they may be less breathable compared to other base materials.

Mens System Base Size Options

Men’s hair systems are available in various sizes to accommodate different head shapes and sizes. Standard size options are suitable for many wearers, while custom-sized options are tailored to individual measurements for a perfect fit. Custom-sized systems offer superior comfort and aesthetics but tend to be more expensive due to the personalized nature of the design. Usually prepare stock base size is 6×8″,6×9″, 7×9″, 7×10″, 8×10″.

Availability of Ready-Made Systems

Some men’s hair systems are readily available as “stock” or “ready-to-wear” options, meaning they are pre-made and can be shipped immediately upon purchase. These systems are typically more affordable and are suitable for individuals who need a hair replacement solution quickly. Ready-made systems offer convenience and accessibility but may not provide the same level of customization as custom-made options, price between $100-$200.

Customization Hair systems

Customization options such as base design, hair color blending, base size, hair length and density control can significantly impact the cost of a men’s hair system. Custom-made systems are tailored to the wearer’s preferences and specifications, resulting in a more personalized and natural-looking result. While custom-made systems offer superior fit and aesthetics, they tend to be more expensive compared to off-the-shelf options due to the additional time and labor involved in production, price between $210-$340.

Base Design

Tailored to Preferences:

1.Custom-made systems offer a range of base design options, including lace, thin skin, monofilament, and silk base.
2.Each base design has unique characteristics such as breathability, durability, and natural appearance, allowing wearers to choose the option that best suits their needs and preferences.

Impact on Cost:

1.The choice of base design can significantly influence the cost of a men’s hair system, with more intricate designs typically commanding a higher price.
2.Lace bases, for example, may offer superior breathability and realism but tend to be more expensive due to their intricate construction and delicate nature.

Hair Color Blending

Personalized Coloring:

1.Custom-made systems allow wearers to customize the hair color to match their natural hair or achieve a desired aesthetic.
2.Professional color blending techniques ensure seamless integration with the wearer’s existing hair, resulting in a natural and cohesive look.

Impact on Cost:

1.Hair color blending adds an extra layer of customization to the hair system, leading to a higher cost compared to standard color options.
2.The complexity of the desired color blend and the quality of the coloring techniques employed can further impact the overall cost of customization.

Base Size

Customized Fit:

1.Custom-made systems are tailored to the wearer’s head measurements, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit.
2.By adjusting the base size to match the wearer’s scalp dimensions, custom systems provide enhanced comfort and security.

Impact on Cost:

1.Base size customization may involve additional labor and material costs, resulting in a higher overall price for custom-made systems.
2.However, the benefits of a perfectly fitted base often outweigh the added expense for wearers seeking optimal comfort and confidence.

Hair Length and Hair Density

Personalized Style:

1.Custom-made systems offer flexibility in hair length and density control, allowing wearers to achieve their desired hairstyle.
2.Whether opting for short, medium, or long hair lengths, and varying hair densities, custom systems provide a personalized look that complements the wearer’s facial features and style preferences.

Impact on Cost:

1.Hair length and density customization may require additional materials and labor, contributing to a higher overall cost for custom-made systems.
However, the ability to achieve a customized hairstyle tailored to the wearer’s preferences often justifies the increased expense for individuals seeking a natural and personalized appearance


In conclusion, the cost of men’s hair systems varies depending on factors such as hair quality, base materials, size options, availability of ready-made systems, and the level of customization required. Whether you choose a stock system for immediate use or opt for a custom-made solution tailored to your specific needs and preferences, it’s essential to consider the overall value and benefits that the hair system will provide. Investing in a high-quality men’s hair system can enhance your appearance, boost confidence, and provide a natural-looking solution to hair loss or styling needs.

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